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We at gutterman supply and fit a variety of gutters, depending on the specific needs and tastes of the customer. We supply and install gutters and rainwater systems to suit all needs.Below you will see a list of such gutters and their uses
1 upvc gutters

There are many shapes and sizes of upvc gutters on the market and we have tried and tested them all but the one that stands out and is now our preferred choice is the supreme gutter from the eavemaster range.

We found to our cost that many of the gutters in pvc were inclined to leak at the joints or warp in the sun but the new supreme range of gutter has a unique and firm seal at all joints and its holding brackets give firm and strong support when fitted professionally.

The gutters come in black, brown and white and are a perfect colour match for the fascia we use.

2 seamless aluminium gutters The seamless aluminium gutter is uncoiled from a roll and preformed at the site, it is made to measure to the building so there are no joints, and considering that most leaks occur at joints it stands to reason that there would be a significantly reduced risk of leaks from a seamless gutter compared to a pvc gutter.
3 cast aluminium gutters

The cast aluminium gutter is a heavy duty gutter that is an exact match for the old cast iron gutters that we see on older preserved buildings, and as such it is in great demand from customers who wish or need to keep the original appearance of their building.

The cast aluminium gutter is readily available in black and can be ordered in any of the ral colours (see example)

4 cast iron gutters

The cast iron gutter can still be supplied and fitted and we install the half round shape quite frequently around dublin.

While the cast aluminium gutter is lighter and comes ready coloured, the cast iron gutter has to be painted after or before installing.

5 copper gutters

The copper gutter comes in half round and ogee shape and is a unique and beautiful asset to some equally unique houses.

It comes in three metre lengths and is soldered at the joints so it leak free for life.

It starts life a bright shiny copper colour and then fades to a bronze and eventually that aged green look that adds character to the building.(see example)