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black aluminium soffit, fascia and guttering on  house

left is an example of black aluminium fascia soffit and guttering

Right is an example of black cast aluminium guttering

Left is an example of the choices in cast aluminium as supplied from the range of alumask products

Black 5x4 moulded gutter with square running outlet leading to square downpipe.

White - Half round cast alum gutter.

Yellow - Victorian ogee cast aluminium gutter

Green - 5x4 moulded cast aluminium gutter

Brown - Half round cast aluminium gutter

Red - Cast aluminium pipe.

all of these are from the Alumasc range of products.

On the right is the seamless gutter being made to measure.

image of man extruding  aluminium gutter from machine
image of copper gutter on black fascia

Left is an example of copper gutters on black upvc fascia

Right is an example of white upvc fascia and soffit


image of deep white soffit and fascia
picture of house in pvc soffit fascia and guttering

Here on the left is an example of a split level house in cabinteely with three dormers.We have fitted the house with white vented soffit, the vents can be seen spaced 1.2.metres apart at the eaves and on the lower level front porch,that is our standard spacing and is recommended by most architects but we can space the vents closer or further apart depending on what is preferred by the client.

The fascia is 10mm ogee profile ribbed on the inside to assist air flow and prevent dry rot.

We have also fitted the house with white supreme classic ogee profile guttering using external fascia brackets spaced at 900mm intervals, this provides stability even when loaded with snow and ice. The gutters come in three metre lengths and are connected by means of a joiner which is also fixed to the fascia for support.