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We at gutterman install upvc and aluminium fascia depending on the specifications of the customer.

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Aluminium Fascia and Soffit

upvc fascia and soffit

Aluminium fascia comes in the plain L shape and the ogee moulded shape which is identical to the pvc board.

The fascia and soffit comes in the standard colours of white, black and brown, and can also be ordered in any other colour in the R A L system.

It is powder coated in a polyester powder coating that involves a number of stages

First of all the aluminium must undergo stringent preparation of its substrate to allow for the electrostatic application of the powder paint.

This is followed by oven curing.

The result is a durable and even finish on the fascia and soffit which will last for more than forty years.

Their is quite a lot of upvc fascia and soffit on the market that is of a poor quality and many examples of this can be seen around housing estates where the fascia and soffit has faded to a yellow or sometimes you will see a pinky hue from it.

This is referred to as pinking as is said to occur from exposure to the sun.

also there are unscrupulous installers fitting an eight mm fascia and soffit board that is not suitable for the job although it appears the same from a distance.

Having tried and tested most fascia and soffit boards, We have discovered that the board manufactured by MFP in Lucan Co Dublin under the brand name eavemaster is the most durable and substantial board on the market and is the only upvc fascia and soffit board that we would have confidence in to guarantee against discolouring

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