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Full Replacement procedure 
 house with black aluminium soffit, fascia and guttering

What is involved in Full Replacement of wooden fascia and soffit with upvc fascia and soffit?


Most people when they are offered pvc fascia and soffit from the man knocking on the door are under the impression that their timber fascia and soffit is being fully replaced, This is usually not the case.

What most of these people do is to fit a low quality lightweight pvc fascia on over the existing wood without even replacing the rotten wood with new treated wood.

To fit pvc over rotten or damp wood is actually doing more harm than good because it keeps the wood damp and prevents the wood from drying out thereby excacerbating the problem.

It is acceptable to fit a decent quality upvc fascia on over the wooden fascia to preserve it if the rotten wood is first removed and replaced with new treated wood.

The full replacement of your normal wooden fascia and soffit with a solid upvc fascia and soffit is the complete solution to rotten timber at eaves, and it removes any fear of timber rotting behind pvc fascia.

We at gutterman provide this service to our customers on request,

What is involved in the replacement of wooden fascia and soffit with upvc fascia and soffit?

First we scaffold the building

Then we remove the guttering, push back the first row of roof tiles to expose the sarking felt.

This felt when new and in good condition helps to direct the rain that gets past the tiles into the gutter. It is inclined to sag behind the fascia due to the lack of tilting fillets on most roofs.

This causes ponding of rain water and causes the felt to rot, thereby allowing water to drip into the eaves causing the soffit and fascia to rot, and dampness to enter the rooms upstairs especially at corners.

We then remove the wooden fascia and the wooden soffit from the rafters leaving the rafters completely exposed.

We then fit the new solid and vented 10mm upvc soffit to the bottom of the rafters,

We then fit the new 18mm solid upvc fascia as a replacement for the wooden facia,

We then trim the sarking or roofing felt and fit an aluminium or plactic eaves guard or underfelt support tray beneath the felt and over the top edge of the new pvc fascia to allow the smooth flow of any excess water into the gutter and away from the eaves.

In some cases we then fit a bird guard, this is a comb style device which when fixed to the top edge of the fascia - prevents birds from accessing the eaves.

We then re-fit the roof tiles and fit the new guttering and the job is complete.

Here we can see the bare rafters after removing the wooden fascia in preperation for full replacement with upvc soffit and fascia
Here we can see the eaves after replacement 18mm upvc fascia and 10mm upvc soffit has been fitted
Points to note: You can see the continuouse vent in the soffit, The fascia is 18mm thick with a bullnose finish and fixed directly to the rafters with stainless steel fixings


Here we see the side of the house where the barge board and gable box timber has been removed and is being replaced with solid 10mm pvc soffit and ready for18mm pvc fascia
Here we see the completed works with the wooden barge boards being totally replaced with 18mm solid white bullnosed pvc fascia, fixed with plastic topped stainless steel fixings and sealed against water infiltration
Here we see bird comb fitted to prevent birds, bats and vermin entering the roofspace